Our emergency out of hours service

We know that your pet could become unwell at any time, and sometimes our practice is closed when this happens. To ensure you and your pet have access to the best possible care around the clock, we have reviewed the service we provide for you when the surgery is closed and have chosen to team up with Vets Now to provide our out-of-hours service.

Vets Now is a dedicated out-of-hours emergency veterinary service. With a team of experienced vets and nurses that only work when other clinics are closed, Vets Now offers emergency care of the highest standard. As Vets Now focuses solely on providing out-of-hours care, their vets and nurses will be fresh and well rested, allowing them to direct all their care and attention to your pet.

vets NowBy partnering with Vets Now we can continue to offer you the best possible service for your pet: it allows us to offer you a fully staffed out-of-hours service with continuous overnight monitoring and clinical and emergency care, whilst ensuring that our own vets and nurses are able to fully dedicate themselves to our regular daytime service.

So how will the new service work?
We are open seven days a week and in most cases will continue to provide overnight care at Blythwood for pets that have been admitted during our opening hours. If we feel your pet would benefit from more intensive overnight care (or if you specifically request it) then we would discuss the option of overnight monitoring at Vets Now with you.

Only calls that come in outside of our regular opening hours will be directed to Vets Now in which case your pet would be seen at their clinic on Pinner Road, North Harrow. In the morning, Vets Now will provide us with a full update on your pet as well as a treatment plan going forward. The consultation and out-of-hours surcharges levied by Vets Now are very similar to those charged by Blythwood.

In the event we recommended a patient was transferred for overnight monitoring at Vets Now, the owner would collect and transport their pet to the North Harrow branch where the emergency team would receive them. In all but exceptional cases the owner would collect theiranimal in the morning and bring them back to us for continued treatment.

If you are not sure if your pet needs to be seen for an emergency appointment, please call your usual practice number where you will be given contact details for Vets Now. Our out-of-hours service will always give you free, friendly advice over the phone. If you have any questions regarding our out-of-hours service please do not hesitate to ask us.

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