September is Dental Month at Blythwood Vets

Did you know that 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some sign of dental disease by the age of two years old? Did you also know that in the long term, dental disease can affect your pet’s overall health and life expectancy?

To highlight the importance of good oral health in pets we are providing free nurse dental checks for dogs and cats during September 2017.  Our nurses will offer advice on dental treatment as well as prevention of dental disease. We hope to encourage better dental care (both treatment and prevention) and thus help your pets enjoy a healthier life.

A frighteningly high percentage of our pets are in urgent need of dental treatment. This means that they have infection and inflammation in their mouths. When there is infection in the mouth this can spread to affect the whole body. To prevent this happening in the first place teeth need to be cleaned properly on a regular basis to prevent plaque and tartar forming, ideally by brushing if at all possible.  Simply using a chew to clean your pet’s teeth is unfortunately not enough. However, if your pet is already suffering from dental disease, they may need a veterinary dental treatment first of all to get their teeth back into a better condition.

Lift the Lip

It is important to remember that most dental disease is treatable and certainly the vast majority of the disease is preventable. It is best to regularly ‘lift the lip’ on your pet and check their teeth – if you notice your pet has bad breath or you see any signs of discolouration of the teeth or red inflamed gums, please call us for a free dental check with one of our qualified nurses. If you would rather that the nurses ‘lift the lip’  of your pet for you, please call us for a free appointment.

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