Colder weather means more fleas

It might sound counter intuitive but as the weather gets colder, make sure your pets and home are protected from fleas! Fleas love warmth and so as soon as it gets colder and the central heating is switched on we see a rise in calls relating to flea infestations in the home.

This summer has been great for fleas; they like hot, humid weather so the wet start of the summer and the lovely warm conditions have helped the flea population explode. Fleas are good at reproducing fast and larvae in their cocoons can survive in carpets for up to a year. They may lay dormant for a while but as soon as we turn on the central heating this is the sign for these larvae that warm, favourable conditions are here once again. They continue their development and soon emerge from their cocoons as fully fledged adult fleas, ready to reproduce again.

If you are worried about fleas in the home or on your pet give us a call. Flea bites are not only annoying, fleas can transmit other diseases to your pet so it is important to keep them at bay at all times. Thankfully with the right product and strategy fleas can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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