Has your dog’s vaccination slipped your mind?

Vaccination is an incredibly important part of your pets’ preventative health regime as  it ensures your pet is kept safe from a number of potentially fatal diseases. It also helps stop the spread of disease to other animals and in some cases to humans as well. If your dog has not received its annual booster vaccination for some time, they will need to restart the full vaccination course in order to once again be fully protected and now is the time to do so!

For October we are running an ‘amnesty’ for those dogs whose vaccinations have lapsed, which means that you will receive the vaccination course needed to protect your pets for the price of a single booster. Once the course is completed, an annual booster vaccination will be required to ensure your pet stays protected.

This offer applies to dogs that have previously been vaccinated but have not been vaccinated for the last 18 months. The course must be started in October. This offer does not apply to the initial course of vaccinations for puppies.

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