Help your pets have a happy and healthy Christmas

We love the holiday season; what could be better than coming together with family and friends to celebrate and enjoy the festivities?

As veterinary staff however, this time of year can be tough. Every year we see many pets involved in accidents and coming down with illnesses that could have been easily avoided.

A survey from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) indicated that last Christmas almost one in five vets saw pets that had eaten a non-edible gift given to them by their owner. Many dogs were seen for chocolate poisoning and ingesting Christmas decorations. Cats were seen too often for antifreeze poisoning and ingesting poinsettias or other seasonal plants.

To help you help your pets have a happy and safe Christmas we have compiled a lists of potential hazards to watch out for and avoid and make sure that a trip to our surgery will not be on your list this Christmas!

1. Protect your pet from poisons – a number of festive treats and traditions, such as chocolate, raisins, xylitol (found in sugar free treats), nuts, grapes, liquorice, poinsettia, holly and mistletoe are toxic to cats and dogs.

2. Keep decorations out of reach – ribbons, wrapping paper, baubles, tinsel and tree lights can all prove irresistible to cats and dogs but can be very dangerous if broken, chewed or swallowed. Batteries for Christmas gifts also need to be kept safe as, if ingested, they may cause severe chemical burns to the mouth, throat and stomach.

3. Give toys not treats or Christmas leftovers – We all want our pets to share in the fun but too many treats can lead to fat, unhappy animals. Rich foods such as Christmas dinner left overs can really upset your pet’s digestive system and turkey bones can splinter and severely injure your pet. Consider opting for a new toy or a long walk if you want to indulge your pet this Christmas.

4. Know where to go – even with all the care in the world, animal accidents and emergencies can still happen. Our emergency out of hours service  is provided by Vets Now whose staff  provide specialist out of hour care 365 days a year.

We wish all our clients and their pet a very happy and healthy Christmas!

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