Keep your pet safe in cold weather

We all know it’s cold at the moment, bitterly cold. Hopefully your pets are warm and tucked up inside but, if they do go out, here are a few tips to help you help your pet stay safe and warm.

Grit and antifreeze can be dangerous for pets; if you do venture out for a walk with your dog in areas that may be gritted make sure that you clean their paws afterwards. Grit can be both painful and harmful for their paws and when ingested. It may also contain antifreeze. Unfortunately every winter there are cases of antifreeze poisoning.  Antifreeze is attractive for pets as it is very palatable but it is also highly poisonous.  If you use antifreeze (it is used in car de-icer too) make sure to do so safely and store the product securely, clearing up any spills immediately.

Your pet can feel the cold too! They may have a fur coat but especially older pets can struggle to regulate their body temperature and arthritis can worsen in cold conditions. Consider buying your dog a jacket for colder days and make sure there is a nice cozy place by the radiator for your pets. Don’t forget your rabbits and small furries either.  As temperatures are so low, consider moving their hutch into a shed or garage to keep them warm and provide extra bedding to snuggle up in.

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