A breath of fresh air – we’ve extended our dental offers throughout April!

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Just like their owners, pets need to maintain good dental hygiene. They rely on us to take care of their teeth for them. Dental disease is extremely common in pets, due to a combination of dietary and genetic factors. By the age of five, the majority of pets are already in need of some form of dental work. Infection associated with dental disease can gradually cause damage to other vital organs in the body through bacteria getting into the bloodstream. If you have noticed any worsening in your pet’s breath, this is very likely to be happening already.

Due to their popularity we have extended our offers to help you make sure that your pet’s teeth are in the best possible condition. If our free dental checks show that we do need to carry out some work our scale & polish price starts from £162, 75.  Should any further work be needed (such as extractions) then we currently have a 10% discount on those prices as well so now is the time to check your pet’s teeth!


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