Antibiotics and your pet

Antibiotics are a great tool for vets and doctors to combat infections. However, resistance to antibiotics is becoming a bigger challenge in pets much as it is in humans.

Antimicrobial resistance means that the bacteria causing an infection are not being affected by the antibiotics, making the antibiotics ineffective as treatment. There are however things we can do as vets and pet owners to help ensure that antibiotics remain an effective tool. Here are some of the ways you can help:

Antibiotics are an important tool to combat serious disease, but they are not always the answer. Not every infectious disease needs antibiotics so don’t demand antibiotics if your vet says that your pet does not need them. Every time we use antibiotics the risk that they become resistant becomes greater. So, to make sure that antibiotics remain effective now and in the future, they must only be used with caution and when strictly necessary.

Keep your pet healthy. A healthy animal is better at fighting off infections. By making sure your pet is fed a high quality diet, has a healthy lifestyle and goes to the vet for regular check ups and vaccinations you can help keep your pet well.

Do not try to treat your pet yourself. Only use antibiotics for the condition for which they were prescribed for that specific animal at the time of prescription. Using antibiotics in any other way could significantly harm your pet.

Follow dosage instructions. Make sure you give your pet all the prescribed doses of the prescribed antibiotic, even if your pet seems better sooner. This will help ensure the infection is completely cured and will help prevent bacteria from discovering new ways to become resistant to the antibiotic.

Talk to us!! If you have any concerns or questions about antibiotics use or resistance please come and speak to us, we will be happy to help!


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