Hip hip hooray for Vet Nurse Month!

We don’t say it often enough but we love our vet nurses! May is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month and so it is time to celebrate them and the work they do. Our lovely team of nurses do amazing work behind the scenes; outside of the consulting room, most of the attention and medical care your pet receives will be at the hands of a veterinary nurse.

So what does a typical day for a vet nurse look like? Well, firstly there is no typical day! In any given day a veterinary nurse may find themselves taking x-rays, administering medication, carrying out nurse consults, maintaining equipment, monitoring anaesthetics, dressing wounds, answering phones… the list goes on!

Our nurses at Blythwood are all registered veterinary nurses (or nurses in training), which means they have undertaken a rigorous training programme, sat examinations, and are subject to a code of conduct. Our nurses continue to study, and log professional development hours to maintain registration throughout their careers.

So are you ready to meet some of the team?

nurses tortoise

Faye Porter- Faye is our head nurse. Based at Hatch End she manages our team of nurses across our four clinics. Faye has been with us for many years, her youthful looks belie both her age and her extensive experience! Prior to working with Blythwood Faye worked in a number of small animal clinics as well as in Thailand where she worked with elephants and bears (!) as well as on a stray dog neutering project. She loves all aspects of vet nursing, outside of work her very handsome podenco dog Ray keeps her on her toes.

Carly Hicks – Carly is our head nurse at our Bushey surgery and oversees the day to day running of the clinic. Carly has been with us for over four years and has a strong interest in exotics. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family which aside from its human members includes two cats, two ferrets and two snakes.

Sara Pratt – . You may know Sara as our former branch manager at Hatch End; she is now in her second year of training to become a registered veterinary nurse!    We hope that Sara will become the newest member of our fully qualified team this July, so far she has been passing her exams with flying colours.

Lucy Thornton – Lucy has been a registered veterinary nurse since 2000 and is Sara’s clinical coach whilst she is training for her RVN qualification. Lucy is based at our Stanmore branch but also works at our Hatch End and Bushey branches. Aside from her human family Lucy has two cats and a dogs and loves them all equally. Lucy likes being kept on her toes and loves the variety and unpredictability of her job!

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