Could you rabbit benefit from a free bunny M.O.T?

Did you know that rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK? However, did you also know that rabbits need company and mental stimulation, that they need lots of space to run around and that flies and dirty hutches can prove a real health risk?

National Rabbit Awareness Week takes place in early June and to highlight the welfare needs of rabbits we are offering free well being checks with one of our nurses all through June. We’ll check your rabbit’s health and clip their nails for free too!

We also have a 20% discount offer on our recommended fly strike repellent over this period so if you choose to get some at the time of the husbandry check,¬†we’ll apply this for you too. This offer is valid across our Blythwood clinics so you can buy some from any branch when prescribed by a vet.

Call us at today to book your free check up, we look forward to seeing you and your bunny soon!

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