Time for an MOT? September is super seniors month with 50% off!

We love our elderly pets; they may slow down a little but we think their greying muzzles just make them more lovable! Sadly our pets age much quicker than we do and so a pet can seem to become elderly quite suddenly. There are many signs of being elderly and it can be hard to tell when your pet is actually becoming unwell or in need of a little help. During September we half a half price offer on our senior health check package which will give you a comprehensive package of your pet’s state of health, making it easier to take preventative measures if symptoms of old age are on the horizon.

senior package offer

Please call the clinic for more information, pricing and to book your pet’s check up.

Our FREE super seniors nurse clinics

Happy your pet is physically healthy? You may still like some advice on how your pet’s needs might change as they grow older. In that case we also have nurse clinics where our lovely team of nurses can advise on the best feeding options, keeping your pet’s brain in top gear and adjusting exercise to their changing needs.

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